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Let me tell you a story …


Simply put, there’s nothing special about me, I am just ‘one of you’.  An ordinary guy who yearned to be a writer, better still an author because that means writing books.

I am someone who has loved books for as long as I have been able to read and soon learnt what made a good one and what made a bad one; when I read a bad one I always used to say to myself that I could do a better job!

So some years ago I started to do that and guess what … my writing was worse than in those books that were bad! But I persevered and practiced and learnt from the good books and it got better; a lot better.

However, there was always one problem, my plot and ideas for the story just wouldn’t come together. Then what I realised was that I could very easily rewrite one of those bad books or develop the plot better because that was where my creativity really was at its best; I just wasn’t destined to write my own books from a blank piece of paper.

Now I had two choices; carry on writing for myself or share with others all I had learnt about good writing, in particular those who have the great ideas I could never conjure up. I knew there would be those who struggle with the writing and taking those basic ideas forward and since I have always loved to help other people, the decision was really quite easy.

I put aside the numerous books I had been writing all those years and started doing Freelance work. That was OK for a while and I picked up some small but interesting projects. Then I got the client I was really looking for, he had some truly amazing ideas for his novel, but needed some help with his writing and we started to work together … and I loved it because it was so rewarding and he was really happy because we were turning his writing into a real book.

But this was still his book because it was his initial ideas, my job was to add to those and make further suggestions and encourage and … well my own books were well and truly put away and my life as ghostwriter had begun.

After that, as well as writing, I started to pick up projects that were more about providing an editing service and I got asked for advice about publishing and preparing a submission for a literary agent and options for self-publishing. I then joined a bigger Freelancing company and work really started to take off and Books from Start to Finish was born.

I really look forward to working with you on your book, whether it’s still just a small idea or a book in need of an edit, to us it’s all about a partnership and making new friends; just read my Clients … page and contact me today!

Writing books is so much fun … isn’t it time to start realizing your dream?

Graham Schofield

Founder, Books from Start to Finish