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It’s time to leap that final hurdle!


publishThe book is written and it’s been thoroughly edited and now it’s time to for that magic moment when you talk about publishing and really able to call yourself an ‘author’!

Before the mid-90s, the number of people who could get their book published were very few; and very lucky. Even if the manuscript was really good it may not suit the literary agent or publisher and still get rejected.  These people get sent thousands of book submissions a year and only publish a handful.

That’s still the case of course regarding that most traditional of routes to book publishing, but with advent of self-publishing the opportunities were vastly broadened and with the introduction of the ebook and Kindle, nowadays anyone and everyone can get their book published.

The huge demand for self-publishing has driven a massive increase in the companies willing to meet the need and this has led to some really good opportunities to make self-publishing affordable for the majority of authors.

If you want to try out the traditional route for getting your book published then we’ll work with you to produce a submission for your book that has been put together following the expected standards of the industry. There’s a lot more to it than attaching a PDF of your book to an email saying “please read!”

If you want to go down the self-publishing route then still bring your edited manuscript to us and, unless you want us to handle everything on your behalf, we’re not going to publish it for you. What we’re going to do is use our knowledge and experience of the market to find the best deal for you at the best price for you; this is what our book publishing service is all about. Read more about the different ways to publish your book on the Publishing Options page; there’s a lot more to it that you probably thought!

Whichever option you want to try, we’re there to help and guide and, most of all encourage you. There’s nothing like that moment when your original idea for your book becomes a finished product for the bookshelves of High Street and online stores.

Interested? Do you feel you could do with some really independent advice? Need some help with creating a literary agent submission? Let’s get this going for you so contact us today!

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