Costs …

Of course you are going to want to know about prices …

If you look around the internet you will see some writing services, editing service and book publishing companies who, as is the case in most industries, do publish their prices, but there are many that don’t and say that you must get in touch first. I know that lack of transparency can very easily send people scurrying off to the next site in their list of search results, so I like to set some things out up front.

Writing Services

Book writing

There really is no industry standard when it comes to ghostwriting fees. Conduct a search on Google and you’ll turn up fees going all the way up to US$150,000; a report from the Writer’s Market indicates an average of US$43,000 for  ghostwriting a book.

My costs begin at US$90 per manuscript page but could be more on the basis that books require different levels of input and time to complete. I also offer the option of reworking / completing an existing manuscript. This is like me doing a developmental edit but also involves making all changes / adding new text as required. This is charged at US$0.15 per word.

Writing advice and guidance

Initial consultation via telephone / Skype: Free

Ongoing writing coaching / guidance: US$100 per hour

Written report based on a sample*: US$475 per report

* At least one chapter / 3000 words are required.

Editing Service

My editing costs are also based on Writer’s Market data and those published for the Editorial Freelancers Association. These prices are indicative and the final cost will be dependent upon the level and type of changes necessary:

Copy editing – US$0.03 to US$0.04 per word

Line/substantive editing – US$0.05 to US$0.06 per word

Heavy/Developmental editing – US$0.06 to US$0.07 per word

Manuscript Assessment: US$775



For interior layout and file formatting, costs will vary depending on complexity, and the need to add images and so on. Prices begin at US$499.

Again, cover design costs can vary based on complexity of design and such as photo layering. More straightforward / simple covers are available from US$349 and for complex covers, such as where the design is followed across the spine and back cover or for hardback, prices begin at US$499.

For establishing your book as available in all the major global outlets as a paperback and ebook—available for Kindle, iBooks, Nook and so on—the price is US$399. For a hardback version, add US$150.

For book marketing support there are numerous factors affecting the price, so please contact me to discuss.

Traditional publishing

General advice and guidance: US$150 per hour

Preparation of book proposal – fiction: US$550 per book

Preparation of book proposal – non-fiction: US$1550 per book

So now you know!

I am sure you’ve done your home and I really hope you find my prices very reasonable; I like to think they are, more importantly, so do all my prior clients. So please get in touch with me, give me some initial indications of what you are looking for and I know you are going to happy with Books from Start to Finish.