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Of course you are going to want to know about prices …


If you look around the internet you will see some writing services, editing service and book publishing companies who, as is the case in most industries, do publish their prices, but there are many that don’t and say that you must get in touch first. We know that lack of transparency can very easily send people scurrying off to the next site in their list of search results, so we like to set some things out up front.

We do this because we don’t want to turn people away before we’ve had a chance to at least to let them get to know us a little from reading some of the other pages on our website. We want them to know that we are very passionate about helping people achieve their dream and in line with that intention, our prices are some of the lowest in the market.

Now that certainly does not mean that you don’t get good quality, we just want to help more people. We would much rather help five people for one fifth of the cost of a competitor who gets only one client! We both end up with same income, but we’re a lot happier because we’ve helped realise more dreams!

If someone wants to write a book, or has written one already and wants to get it edited or published, we understand about that passion, that burning desire to become a published author and so we truly want to help. On that basis we tailor what we do to meet our client’s desires for the levels of involvement that suits them and their budget.

If someone simply wants us to write a book, a memoir say and only has a limited budget, then we’re going to find a perfectly capable author to work within that budget, but there may well be limitations on the amount of support we can offer; this price might not include any editing or any publishing advice for example.  Another kind of thing we can do is offer development over a longer period of time so that the costs can be spread.

Because we offer a variety of writing options we can’t give specifics for every possible combination that includes editing and publishing as well, but we’ll give you some ideas in a moment. What we’d like to do first is to give you some facts and figures that you can very easily very yourself from simple internet research.

There really is no industry standard when it comes to ghost writing fees. Conduct a search on Google and you’ll turn up fees going all the way up to $100,000; a report from the Writer’s Market indicates an average of $36,000. Consider these numbers and you’ll find our prices are really reasonable. Our editing costs are also based on Writer’s Market data and those published for the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Writing Services

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Book writing

How we set out our writing prices is to use a cost per page, whether your book is a novel, a memoir or non-fiction. To help you work out the total, a typical novel might be around 300 pages, a memoir 250 pages; non-fiction books will, of course, vary greatly, but might be around 150 – 200 pages.

The costs are in a range of $80 to $120 per page on the basis that any book can require different levels of input and time to complete we may offer authors with differing levels of experience.

We also offer the option of reworking / completing an existing manuscript. This is like us doing a developmental edit but also involves making all changes / adding new text as required. This is charged at $0.12 per word.

Writing advice and guidance

Initial consultation via telephone / Skype: Free

Ongoing writing coaching / guidance: $50 per hour

Written report based on a sample*: $275 per report

* At least one chapter / 3000 words are required (see also Editor’s Report)

Editing Service

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Again, there are many places on the internet you can find examples of editing costs and you’ll find our prices are very favorable. These are the prices for each of the Editing Options, the final cost will be dependent upon the level of changes necessary

Basic: Copy editing – $0.02 to $0.03 per word

Medium: Line / sustantive editing – $0.04 to $0.05 per word

Heavy: Developmental editing – $0.05 to $0.06 per word

Editor’s Report: Book summary level $575 per book

Editor’s Report: Chapter detail level $825 per book

Publishing support

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General advice and guidance: $50 per hour

Preparation of book proposal – fiction: $550 per book

Preparation of book proposal – non-fiction: $1250 per book

Formatting of a manuscript: $0.85 per page

Overseeing cover preparation: $150 per book

All the above in one package – fiction: $1250

All the above in one package – non-fiction: $1600

So now you know!

We’re sure you’ve done your home and we really hope you find our prices very reasonable; we like to think they are, more importantly, so do all our prior clients. So please get in touch with us, give us some initial indications of what you are looking for and we’re sure you’re going to happy with Books from Start to Finish.


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