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Your manuscript is almost ready!

GlassesSo your book is written. For now we’ll concentrate on where you plan to use of our editing service come to us with your already completed manuscript and we work with you to get it edited. If we’ve written it with you then don’t worry, the person who looks after editing your book is quite independent from the writer.

What follows applies for fiction or non-fiction, as long as we don’t need to be real subject matter experts! In that case our editing services team will help you find someone who is and project manage the work on your behalf.

First of all you may well be thinking why you need your book editing when you’ve put it through the spell-checker already! But we’re sure you’re not and that you realise the importance of a good and thorough review of your book before you think about publishing. In the editing options page we’ve explained all the different types of editing that books go through, but for now this is just an overview.

When you are writing your book, developing the plot and building your characters you can of course get too close to it. You know exactly why the hero disliked someone who turned out to be one of the bad guys but perhaps that really important point isn’t totally obvious to the reader? Maybe there’s an element of your plot or story or narrative that needs further explanation or it’s not quite in sync with the rest of the book.

In a non-fiction book the danger is that you know what you’re talking about but maybe not everyone else does! These are just a few examples of where every newly written book needs a pair of fresh and, most importantly independent eyes.

Most people writing for the first time will give their book to their friends to read and, whether they liked it or not they’ll probably tell you it’s great; an editor will give you an honest opinion and if there are problems they will tell you; and of course you’ll be grateful. Brings us your freshly written manuscript and we’ll talk about the options for our editing service and the editing we think you need and we’ll agree something to suit your budget and our editors will make sure your manuscript in the best possible shape.

Interested? Do you agree about the need for a great edit for your book? We hope you do so contact us today! 

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