Editor’s Report

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Getting an independent manuscript assessment and review …


For a lot of first time writers, there is that moment when you finish the book and then wonder to yourself and about you will do now. Do you just go ahead and get it published or do you feel the need for some independent review first?

Some people might well be very happy to write and self-publish their book and consider that their goal has been achieved and that sales are not important; but we might suggest that these people are very few and far between. Doesn’t every author want some recognition for all the efforts they put in to write their book?

If you’re one of those people who see the need to have things checked out then you may well have already looked into getting an editor to look at your book but are totally unsure what type of editing you need. Of course you hope that the answer is simply a proofread or a copy edit, but are you sure?

Asking friends to read your book is all well and good but are they going to be totally honest with you? Do they have all the necessary skills to assess your manuscript in the way an independent professional would? Here’s where our Editor’s Report comes in.

Someone from our editing service team will assess your manuscript to see what’s working and what could be improved and take a view on publishing potential as it currently stands. Our Editor’s Report will help you develop your writing and gain realistic feedback to inform your next steps.

It’s all about honest feedback. Our Editor’s Report, also known as a manuscript critique or manuscript assessment, reviews your book, looking at elements such as structure, writing style and content. As an author, you’re too close to your book to spot most problems, weaknesses and inconsistencies, but an Editor’s Report will help you address issues, further develop your book and get a better idea of its suitability for publication.

Our role is not to criticise and knock an author’s confidence, but to offer constructive feedback. We will always be sensitive in our approach, but always honest since there’s no point commissioning an Editor’s Report unless you want the truth! We very much make a point of telling authors what’s good in their writing as well as where they can develop.

While accepting constructive feedback is difficult, it really will help you grow as a writer and therefore we seen an Editor’s Report as an essential element of the book development process; if your budget allows for this we’d always recommend a manuscript assessment before moving from the writing to the editing phase.

The Editor’s Report is the industry standard manuscript appraisal and gives you a clear picture of which areas you may want to develop. Sometimes the report is abundantly positive and we recommend, after a copy edit, that you are ready to get some advice on the way forward for publishing.

At other times, we will unfortunately tell you that, it’s current state, the book is unlikely to be marketable. However, most Editor’s Reports fall somewhere in the middle, with commendations for good elements and recommendations for improving weaker areas.

There are two levels of Editor’s Report available: The ‘book level’ one is an overview document and is designed to look at the big picture. It summarizes our opinions on the book and our recommendations in certain areas. As part of your understanding readiness for publication, these are usually, structure, plot, style, dialogue and the characters.

The much more detailed ‘chapter level’ report will provide all of the above, together with a summarized analysis on each chapter, or at least on those chapters where you need to make some changes. However, this still does not drill down into the minutiae of the book, highlighting each small inconsistency, weakness and mistake.

If you already feel that you want a more fine-tooth-comb appraisal, that includes the Editor’s Report, take a look at our developmental editing service. Getting a manuscript assessment is something that seen by many successful authors as very worthwhile investment; they don’t cost too much and so if you’re interested in one for your book contact us today.


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