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You too can become a published author

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If you’re reading this then perhaps you’ve already decided that you want someone to help you write a book or you want someone to write a book for you. Whether it’s a novel or a memoir of a piece of non-fiction then the writing services team from Books from Start to Finish is here to help. Alternatively, you might have written your book already and need someone to provide an editing service and then want some advice about book publishing.

In the past we’ve helped clients bring their life to the pages of a book by writing their memoir or we’ve worked on the darkest of thrillers or we’ve converted the screen play of a movie into a book.

Past clients have used our writing services by either giving us a detailed manuscript of their own that needs some rewriting or we’ve started with the client’s idea and a blank piece of paper. Whatever your situation, you can be sure that we’ll find the right way to work with you and to bring your book to life and you can become a published author.

What we’ll do is talk to you initially about your ideas and what you are looking to achieve. Let’s think about writing a novel for a moment.

We’ll work with you to develop the plot and the characters until we’ve built an outline which tells us how many chapters there are likely to be and it allows us to agree what happens in each of these. After that we’ll agree some timescales for how quickly the book will be developed and as each chapter is written it will be sent to you to make sure you’re happy.

And on we go until that final chapter or an epilogue is written and you’ve realised your dream!

It’s time to finish your manuscript

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So the first draft of your book is written. For now we’ll concentrate on where you come to us with your completed manuscript and you work with our editing service team. We’ll cover off the editing of your book when we have written it with you at the end of this short section.

First of all you may well be wondering why you need it to be edited when you’ve put it through the spell-checker already! Seriously, we’re sure you realise the importance of a good and thorough review of your book. In the Editing Explained page we’ve given lots of details about the different aspects of our editing service and the types of editing that books go through, but for now this is just an overview.

When you are writing a book, developing the plot and building your characters you can of course get too close to it. You know exactly why the hero disliked someone who turned out to be one of the bad guys but perhaps that really important point is not that obvious to the reader?

Maybe there’s an element of your plot or story that needs further explanation or it’s not quite realistic in comparison to the rest of the book. These are just a few examples of where every newly written book needs a pair of fresh and, most importantly independent eyes.

Most people writing a book for the first time will give it to their friends to read and, whether they liked it or not they probably tell you it’s great; an editor will give you an honest opinion and if there are problems they will tell you; and of course you’ll be grateful.

Bring us your freshly written manuscript and we’ll talk about the editing service you want and what we think you need and we’ll agree something to suit your budget. Finally, if we’ve worked with you on preparing the book we’ll talk to you about finding one of our independent editors to make sure your manuscript in the best possible shape.

You’re ready to publish your book

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The book is written and it’s been edited and updated and it’s time to for that magic moment when you talk about publishing.

Before the mid-90s, the number of people who could get their book published were very few; and very lucky. Even if the manuscript was really good it may not suit the literary agent or publisher and still get rejected.  These people get sent thousands of book submissions a year and only publish a handful.

That’s still the case of course regarding that most traditional of routes to book publishing, but with advent of self-publishing the opportunities were vastly broadened and with the introduction of the ebook and Kindle, nowadays anyone and everyone can get their book published on even the most limited of budgets.

The huge demand for self-publishing has driven a massive increase in the companies willing to meet the need and this had led to some really good opportunities to make self-publishing affordable for the majority of authors.

If you want to try out the traditional route for getting your book published then we’ll work with you to produce a submission for your book that has been put together following the expected standards of the industry. There’s a lot more to it than attaching a PDF of your book to an email saying “please read!”

If you want to go down the self-publishing route then still bring your edited manuscript to us and, unless you want us to, we’re not going to publish it for you. What we’re going to do is use our knowledge and experience of the market to find the best deal for you at the best price for you.

Whichever option you want to try, we’re there to help and guide and, most of all encourage you. There’s nothing like that moment when your original idea for your book becomes a finished product for the bookshelves of High Street and online stores!

Whether it’s writing services, an editing service or book publishing you are interested in, or even all three, contact us today to see how we can you realize your dream …


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