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Welcome to the world of books!


PenIf you’re reading this then you already know that you want someone to help you write your book or you want someone to write one for you. Whether it’s a novel or a memoir of something non-fiction then Books from Start to Finish is here to help.

Working as the ghostwriter, in the past we have helped clients bring their life to the pages of a book by writing their memoir and we’ve worked on the darkest of thrillers. We’ve converted the screen play of a movie into a novel and helped with business and non-fiction books.

We have worked with clients giving us a detailed manuscript of their own that needs rewriting or we’ve started with an idea and a blank piece of paper. Whatever your situation then you can be sure that we’ll find the right way to work with you and to bring your book to life.

What we’ll do is talk to you initially about your ideas and what you are looking to achieve. Let’s think about a novel to take things into more detail for the moment, but for all books it’s quite similar – it’s all about our gaining a real mutual understanding of how your book is going to be developed and what the finished book is going to be like.

So for our novel example, we’ll work with you to develop the plot and the characters until we’ve built an outline which tells us how many chapters there are likely to be and allows us to agree what happens in each of these. After that we’ll agree some timescales for quickly the book will be developed and as each chapter is written that’ll be sent to you to make sure you’re happy.

And on we go until that final chapter is written and you’re ready to realize your dream and become a published author!

In this section of our website share with the you the different writing options your book and we give you explain our five step writing process that forms the backbone of what our writing services offer. After that there are pages for a novel, a memoir and non-fiction so you can learn more around whatever your particular book is.

Finally, we want to make sure that you understand that all this is about us being the ghostwriter and only your name will appear as the author of your published book; our confidentiality will be assured by the signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

So have we got you interested? Can you see your book finally happening? Well it can, so contact us today!

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