Writing options

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A look at the different ways to write your book …


If you come to us to help you write your book, whilst variations are of course entirely possible, there are three main ways in which our writing services can help you.


Whatever the situation, subject to your wanting to get involved, we would in all three options explained below involve you in the steps to prepare for writing your book as set out on the writing process page. Whoever is writing your book, we feel it always right to get all the essentials in place so that you know what someone is going to do on your behalf or what you are going to do for yourself.

We write your book for you

Back to top   Maybe it’s because you don’t have the time or feel you don’t have the necessary skill, but you have and idea for a book; what that means is that you need someone to write it for you. We will get all the necessary input from you to make sure that we understand how you want your book to turn out and agree the timescales and so on. Then, as the writing of your book progresses, we will keep you fully involved in the review and ‘sign off’ process for each chapter as it is completed.


Once the writing is finished we will then determine your plans for taking the things forward to agree any involvement you want us to have in terms of editing service and book publishing.

You prepare notes or a draft or partial manuscript

Back to top   When you first come to us you may well have already made a start on your book. It might be a lot of notes for a memoir or a non-fiction book or the start of a novel where perhaps you got stuck or became too busy to write.


Whatever the situation, we’ll talk to you at length and agree all the things necessary to where we have an outline from which we can complete the writing of your book. We will then involve you as much as you want in terms for the review of what’s been written and agree with you what you want your next steps to be.

Completed manuscript in need of TLC!

Back to top   It might even be that the book you bring to us could, to some extent, be regarded as complete but you feel it still needs quite a lot of further work. In this case, what we need to consider here is the dividing line between your need for a writer or an editor. What will determine the difference is whether you want to make the final changes yourself, under guidance from us, or whether you want us to make them for you. This is of course going to impact how much things will cost to finish or polish / rewrite the book and how much you want the input of our creative writing services team. The answer about which way to go can only really be determined for any individual manuscript we receive, but the role of the editor is explained in full on the Editing options page. It may well be that you want to ask us to complete a detailed manuscript assessment and review, what we call an Editor’s report, which is one step you can consider before a developmental edit; again see the Editing options page for more details.

You write – we guide

Here we are talking about what you might call a coaching aspect to our writing services. We would agree all the finer details of your book up to the point where we have agreed an outline and then you would take on the writing yourself under guidance from us. For this to work effectively you would need to have a certain level of experience or skill already, which our writer could help you fine tune as your book progresses. As per the option for a draft or partial manuscript, we’d be adding our own creative writing input along the way.

Something very important

However we write a book with you it’s your book. Unless you specifically offer us the opportunity, the only name on the front of the book will be yours; that’s what being a ghostwriter is all about for us. The idea for the book was yours and not ours and we always recognize that fact. Whenever we start working with you we will sign a non-disclosure agreement that will legally protect your sole rights to the book; even if it makes you millions we are not going to come back knocking on your door! So whatever your situation, I hope you can see how our writing services can help your book come to life. Whatever you’re your situation, contact us today and realize your dream! For information on the costs related to these options please go here.

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