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So you’re thinking about writing a book but want to know how we’d go about helping you. Let’s answer that with five simple steps about how our writing services works:

  1. Understanding your goal

  2. Agreeing how we help

  3. Getting started

  4. The writing

  5. Bringing it together



Step 1 – Understanding your goal

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Come and tells us what kind of book you are thinking about wanting to write. Is it a novel, a memoir, a non-fiction book? Basically we will listen to you make sure we understand exactly what you are looking for. The approach for a children’s book would essentially be the same as for a novel.

For the purposes of keeping what’s covered here simple, we will explain things on the basis of your coming to us with only your idea. However, you might come to us with some preparation done on your own first, but we’ll still need to make sure that all the steps have been covered.

Step 2 – Agreeing how we help

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Once we understand what your goal is we can then see how best we can help you and there are three main ways. Below are just the headlines, there’s more about this on the Writing Options page.

  • You give us the ideas and we do the writing for you
  • You do some initial writing, from basic notes to a draft manuscript and then we develop or ‘polish’ that
  • You do the writing and we guide you along the way, possibly doing an edit for you afterwards

Step 3 – Getting started

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When we have decided on how we’ll work together on your book it’s time to plan out the project and this has three parts; agreeing the book content and then the development plan come a little later since before those things can happen it’s time to build the team.

The team

Up to now you will have worked with our owner and founder because he likes to get to know all of our clients. However, whether you are writing and we are guiding or we are doing all or some of the writing, to us it’s all about a partnership and that means finding someone from our group of writers who is right for you and for your particular book. What me mean by finding the right people is that you don’t want a Science Fiction specialist if your book is romantic comedy! If it’s non-fiction book we’ll again find someone with right experience.

Once we’ve agreed your goal and how we’re going to achieve it together we’ll know who is likely to be working with you and we’ll arrange a first meeting, probably via Skype. That way you can get to know each other and discuss the finer points of your book so there is real mutual understanding. We will endeavor to find you a choice of writers so you can find someone you really get on with; we always believe that is such a fundamental part of a good team and creating a partnership to achieve the best for your book.


If your book is a novel then this stage is about developing an outline of how the plot will progress on a chapter by chapter basis, including a list of the main characters, what they’re going to be like and the inter-relationships. The outline will also help determine how big the book is likely to be since we need this for the development plan.

If it’s a memoir we will decide if it’s going to a straightforward chronology of your life overall, or perhaps a specific period of your life. Maybe its about someone else. Alternatively, we may agree to the write the details as a story and if so we’d work out the same details as if it were a piece of fiction.

Should you want to write a non-fiction book then it’s going to be about agreeing the flow and logical structure and how much of the book will cover different aspects of your subject until we have the outline agreed.

Development plan

So once we know how big your book is going to be we’ll have a good idea how long it will take to write it and then we break it up, probably by chapters, into manageable pieces that have a time for the writing and a time for the review before we move onto the next piece and so on.

We’ll agree a schedule so we both know where we are and how long it’s going to take to complete your book.

Step 4 – The writing

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Now things are well and truly underway and work on your book will start to take shape as per the plan, but don’t worry that there can’t be changes! Once writing starts whole new or different ideas can arise which change the plot or character relationship and all these can be accommodated with revisions to the outline and the expected timescales.

As each chapter or other milestone is developed, interim reviews between you and your writer will check how everything is going and if any changes are needed. Then it will time to move to the next chapter until that final one is written!

Step 5 – Bringing it together

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So now you’ve you have your completed manuscript and the first thing will be for you to talk again to our owner to make sure you are entirely happy with the way things have gone. He will of course be regularly checking in with you along the way, but now is the time to decide what happens next with your book.

Maybe you want to look after the editing and publishing yourself or you want to carry on working with us. The decision will be yours and we will not pressure you in anyway, all we will do is guide you as to what we feel is best for your book and explain how we can help.

If you want to know more about that then then please go to the Edit … and Publish … pages. But for now you might want to read a little more about the way forward for your particular book so have a look at what is relevant for you from the pages for a novel, a memoir and a non-fiction book.

So contact us today and we really look forward to working with you on your book … it’s time to realize your dream!

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