Everything for your book in one place

Do you have an idea in your head or a book you can't quite finish? Is your book finished but you want an editing service? Confused about book publishing? Whatever your needs, Books from Start to Finish will make your book a reality!
Perhaps you have a great plot for a novel or want to tell your life story? I can help make your book happen and guide you as you begin writing. Alternatively, I'll write it for you but whatever your needs, you too can become a published author.
So often I hear of people who launch their book, only to get bad reviews because it was never independently edited. After all the time and effort you put into writing your book, it really deserves someone to help you perfect things.
Today, getting published is open to everyone who writes a book. For a few, there's the traditional route—and I can guide you there—but most authors consider self publishing. If that's what you want, welcome to Avid Kat Publishing.

“I would have been lost without Graham's help and guidance. He really managed to engage with my subject matter and somehow knew what I wanted to say and how to say it. I would highly recommend his services”

Stan, London UK