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Give Your Book a Helping Hand!

I’m sure you understand the importance of making sure the text in your book is perfect, and you have a distinctive cover to make your book attractive, but selling your book goes way beyond that. Even with the smallest of budgets, there are still things that authors should do to promote their book because there is a huge amount of competition out there. You need to do your best to make sure your book is the one that stands out.

Effective book marketing is all about increasing the visibility of your book to your target audience. It might be about book reviews and a well-planned book launch. It might be about publicity and using social media. It’s all about determining the most effective strategies and tactics to ensure your book receives the attention it deserves.

Then there is marketing you, the author, and that is especially important if you plan to write more than one book and you need to build your author platform. Whether you have already written several books or are about to publish your first, having access to the right knowledge and tools is critical to your success as an author.

Many self-publishing companies sell packaged tools they release into the hands of untrained authors and these provide little if no success. It takes a lot of expertise to get the best from marketing yourself and your book, so after all your efforts to write it, doesn’t it deserve the best?

I’ve done much research into the world of book marketing and have selected my strategic partners for each type of book and, whoever you work with, like me, they will treat your book as their own. So contact me today and let’s ensure that your book brings you the best possible return.