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Based on long experience of how to best bring your book to market, I don’t offer any fancy bells and whistles, such as meaningless gold or platinum packages, just the essentials for you to see all your efforts in writing your book come to fruition. And there’s more…

Whether you are publishing one book or several, how would it feel to publish under your own label or brand? Whatever you’d like to call it—within reason!—I can help you get everything in place.

It’s time to realize that dream.

The essentials to begin

The days of garages full of books are gone! Delivering your book in paperback or hardback to your readers these days is so much simpler with print on demand—POD. If a customer wants to buy the physical book from an online outlet, the supplier prints the book and sends it out. If a bookstore wants a supply, they order them.

Then there is the eBook. As the supplier holds the POD file, they also have the ‘e’ version of your manuscript that will fulfil your customer’s desire for a copy for their Kindle or whatever device they use for their reading.

A reminder first

I will talk in a moment about having the best interior design and book cover, but neither of those will help if your text is poorly written. Presenting your book in the best light includes having your manuscript edited and proofread for errors. If you landed on this page, you can find out about the editing services I offer here, but will share this thought: Why would you ever want the put the engine of a beat up old runabout inside a Ferrari?

That brings me to costs—mine are here—and I will say I appreciate you can go to Amazon and set up your book for little or no cost, but that’s only one outlet and there are many more. After all your efforts in writing the book, doesn’t it deserve some special treatment to get a great cover—not a simple template—and an interior design that suits the mood and genre of your book? Conversely, why would you want to put a Ferrari engine inside the body of beat up old runabout?

Interior layout

Book interiors that have benefited from professional design and layout make all the difference once the reader opens the cover; it’s all part of drawing the reader in and enticing them to turn the pages.

My layout services will ensure that all formatting, special elements and interior sequencing and copyrighting are all cared for to industry standards and good convention. We’ll clean the text and fully prepare it for typesetting as we create a stylish arrangement of fonts, flourishes, chapter openings that suit your book.

Cover design

As you wrote your book, you perhaps had a certain cover in mind, something that would go well with the title. Give me those ideas and my designers will work them—and maybe add their own—to give you some early suggestions. You can then choose the one you like and we’ll give you a couple of opportunities to make some revisions before we develop the file the printer will use.

As well as the front cover imagery and text layout design, this will include adding your ‘blurb’ text to the back cover and creating the spine to fit your final page count, as determined by your chosen internal layout. We’ll also add the bar code for the book’s ISBN.

Going to market

I will handle all the setup for order management and distribution for you and help you create your personal royalty account. The eBook formats work on the most popular devices and your print books are ready to be published on demand, with both formats made available in all the leading outlets worldwide, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Interested? Want to know more? Then contact me today.

And finally

If you want to try out the traditional route for getting your book published, I’ve written successful queries for fiction and proposals for non-fiction. I’ll work with you to produce a submission for your book that follows the expected standards of the industry, there’s a lot more to it than attaching a PDF of your book to an email saying “please read!”