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I am lucky to have worked with some great people from all over the world. Because of confidentiality, I can’t disclose the identities of many of my clients or the books I’ve written or edited, but for some clients, I can share my involvement. Below are examples of the wide variety of work I’ve done to showcase what Books from Start to Finish is all about. I am delighted to include their comments about my role in their book because, whatever the service, I have helped them realize their dream.

Business Books

This is where much of my time is taken up, helping clients write a book to be used as a marketing tool for their business. It’s a hugely successful approach, and many of my clients now have a number of books. Here are comments from just a few, feedback provided for references for potential clients I have subsequently worked with:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Graham for almost four years, and he has become a most trusted advisor. He has provided me with great structure and support in helping me achieve one of my goals in writing a book. As well as writer and editor, Graham has acted in the capacity of a coach to steer and focus me to allow my book writing experience to meet the demands of my extremely challenging schedule and very limited availability.”  

“If you are looking for professionalism, talent, and creativity for how to present yourself and ideas through the publication of a book, Graham is the man that can take you or your concept to market. We have written one book, I am working with Graham on two others, and will always use his services. I have recommended them to others and will always do so unreservedly.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Graham for the past year. In that time, we’ve gone from having many ideas to his nurturing them all into a completed book to support the marketing for my new business ventures. Working with Graham is a pleasure, I’ve recommended him to close friends and would recommend him to anyone who is serious about completing a book project.”

“I first engaged Graham to assist me with editing the rough draft of my book and his work surpassed my expectations. From the start, he provided value with reviewing my existing work and helping me get to a finished product, his ideas and fresh perspectives are invaluable to me. Graham’s knowledge of books, editing, publishing and the industry overall is rich and I appreciate his counsel. I would highly recommend Graham’s services.”

Editing a science fiction – murder mystery

An outstanding book that was a real delight to work on. Grant’s novel is part science fiction—part murder mystery with time travel and a prison break thrown in!  I provided Grant with developmental editing support, prepared a Manuscript Assessment and then undertook the final proofread before publishing.

“Graham did such a wonderful job. He provided thoughtful insight for developmental edits as well as technical expertise for final proofreads. I could tell that Books From Start to Finish is a company that is passionate about writing and supporting new authors. I will definitely work with him again.” Grant, Florida, USA

Edit a memoir and then write business books

Because it’s such a powerful story, Jill’s memoir had already sold over 150,000 copies, but she knew the editing wasn’t good so she asked me to refresh and update it … now it’s being turned into a major movie! On the back of that work, I am now working on several business books, and a second series of children’s books is in the pipeline.

“Graham goes above and beyond in anything he gets involved in and I’d be lost without him. If you’re considering a business book as part of your personal marketing and brand building then talk to Graham. No one else. Whatever your book or writing needs are then look no further.”  Jill, London, UK

A book from a screenplay

Kris had developed a great screenplay about an alternative world beneath the New York subway and wanted to convert it into a book. I fully retained his voice through the screenplays dialogue and used his scene descriptions and character analysis to flesh out all the details. Kris was so delighted with the work, he very kindly gave me dual authorship!

“Graham did an excellent job; I really do recommend him. If I develop a follow up novel, I most certainly plan to hire Graham again. He really brought my screenplay alive on the page, retaining all I had in mind for my characters and locations, with impeccable conversion of the dialogue.” Kris, New York, USA

Translation from Danish to English!

Mette wrote a brilliant serial killer novel that deserved a wider audience so we translated it into English. I then edited the book with a combination of line and development edits, and then provided guidance and support for publishing the book.

“Working with Graham is inspiring and makes writing books a breeze! He is so skilled and experienced, it makes me feel safe and that my characters are in good hands! At the same time, he adds flavor to the book in such a way that I feel he truly knows what I want.” Mette, Denmark, Copenhagen

Memoir as a novel

Stan spent 6 months in one of the UK’s most notorious prisons. During his time there he kept detailed notes about his feelings, what he experienced around him and his views on the failing Prison Service and the English legal system. I completed an enhanced developmental edit to build the novel, carried out the subsequent line editing, and managed the publishing.

“I would have been lost without the help and guidance from Graham. He really managed to engage with my subject matter and somehow knew what I wanted to say and how to say it. I would highly recommend his services.” Stan, London, UK

Coaching for a first novel

David came to me with a raw idea for a thriller and I helped him develop his outline. After that, some initial coaching got him on his way and I then helped with developmental and line editing for those all important first chapters. He’s well on the way now and I look forward to reading and editing the finished book.

“If you need someone to help you with your first book – look no further than Graham. He coaches, he advises, he explains. He’s patient but always challenges and he points out faults in a way that always make them another piece of valued learning. My book would not be the same at all without his ideas and experience.”  David, Yarralumla, Australia

A complex psychological thriller series

Mike came to us with some amazing ideas and partial manuscript for his first book in a series; it started as three and now there are five! We helped him re-develop and expand the outline, undertook a development edit on the existing manuscript and wrote additional chapters. We’re looking forward to more!

“Graham is the perfect professional! Not only does he have a fantastic talent, he goes above and beyond! I am more than excited to have him on my team!” Mike, Utah, USA

A guide for coping with a serious illness

John is only young but suffers from a very debilitating illness. His second book was a comprehensive guide on coping and living with his type of illness. My work involved the edit and managing publishing.

“From my first book, I learnt the hard way what it takes to get published. The editing service and publishing advice provided by Graham for my second far exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly recommend him. 5 Star+” John, Yorkshire, UK

Helping a new author

As a new writer, Tony started with just a short story set in the Iraq war. We completed a line edit to show him where he could improve and also provided him with a Manuscript Assessment to give him guidance on his writing overall.

“Graham was a blast to work with. He gave thoughtful insights into the craft while going over and fixing my work’s mistakes. He is very good at telling a new writer where he or she is strong and where improvement needs to be made. And the best thing, he really knows what he’s doing. Will be using him again, for sure.” Tony, Arizona, USA

Development of novel outline

Mark came to us some great ideas for a Vampire thriller, but he needed help in getting started. We developed his ideas into the detailed chapter by chapter outline, established his characters and gave him a start with his writing.

“Great experience all the way round. Graham really knows what he is doing. You couldn’t do better.” Mark, Connecticut, USA