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Welcome to The World of Books!


PenIf you’re looking for someone to work with you on your book, whether it’s a novel or a memoir or non-fiction, Books from Start to Finish is here to help.

Working as the ghostwriter, I have helped clients complete their memoir and I’ve worked on the darkest of thrillers. I’ve converted screenplays into a novel and written numerous business and non-fiction books.

If you come to me for help with your book, while variations are entirely possible, there are four main ways in which my writing service can help you.


Writing the book for you

Perhaps you don’t have the time, or feel you don’t have the necessary skills, but you have an idea for a book and you need someone to write it for you. I will gather all the input to be sure I understand the goals for your book, and we will agree the timescales. Then, as the writing progresses, I’ll keep you fully involved in the review and ‘sign off’ process. Once the writing is finished, we will agree any involvement you want me to have regarding the book’s editing and publishing.

A rough draft or partial manuscript

You may well have already made a start on your book and perhaps got stuck or become too busy to write. It might be as little as notes for a memoir or a non-fiction book, or the start of a novel, but whatever the situation, we’ll agree the outline from which I can complete your book. I will then involve you as much as you want in the review of the writing and we’ll agree what your next steps will be.

A completed manuscript in need of TLC

Maybe your book could be regarded as complete, but you feel it still needs further work. Here, we’ll consider your needs for a writer or an editor, and the difference will be determined by whether you want to make the final changes yourself, under my guidance, or prefer me to make them for you. This, of course, will impact how much things will cost and the answer can only be determined by discussion about any individual manuscript.

You write–I guide

Here I refer the coaching aspect to my writing services. We would agree the structure of and goals for your book to where you have a solid outline, and then you do the writing yourself under my guidance. The amount of time I need be involved will be determined by your levels of writing experience, but I have helped numerous novices become the author they always wanted to be.

A final important note

When the book has been written, it’s your book. Unless you specifically offer me the opportunity, the only name on the front cover will be yours; that’s what being a ghostwriter is all about. The idea for the book was yours and not mine and I always recognize that fact. When I begin working with you, I will prepare a non-disclosure agreement to protect your rights to the book; even if it makes you millions, I won’t come knocking on your door!

Whatever your situation, I hope you can see how my writing services can help your book come to life. So, have I got you interested? Can you see your book finally happening? Well it can, so contact me today.